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Beijing Yuerui international transportation CO., LTD started with China-Mongolia transportation, we have been doing this service for more than 10 years, has accumulated rich experience in transport and successful projects, especiallyhas strong advantages for all kinds of projects and bulk cargo. Company has many different tonnage vehicles and large domestic transportation network, with Beijing as the headquarter, we have offices in Erlianhot and Ulan Bator, can provide customers with a variety of characteristic service including trailers, transportation, customs declaration, customs clearance and delivery, etc., make any business between the China and Mongolia is possible, really realize the door to door one-stop transport. As per the different customers’ requirements for transportation and goods conditions, we list the transportation modes as following:
1 FCL transportation : We can offer the the whole wagon of railway,container transportationfrom the major China stations(Guangzhou, Xiamen, Fujian, Shanghai, Ningbo, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, etc.) to outer Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar, Erdenet, Darkhan, Choyr), ensure the  goods  to be sent to the destination safely and fast.
2, LCL cargo :We can pick up the goods any city of China, loading in Beijing, directly to Ulaanbaatar.
pick up the goods -- --Beijing--- Erlianhot –ZU--UB.
3, International truck transportation: for large machinery equipment and mining area project transportation, wecan transport from any China-Mongolia port to any city of outer Mongolia (Zeck---SiberianCullen;
Ganqimaodu--Gaxun Sukhait 
Erenhot---Zamyn Uud;
Zhuengadabuqi---Beach G Tu ), really realize door to door one stop transportation.
4, International air transport: as the 1st grade agent ofAeroMongolia, we can provide booking, customs clearance and transit business, what’s more, we can book overloaded cargo aircraft, convenient and quick!
5, Other modes of transportation:For express, samples, personal luggage,etc. We can provide customized fast modes of transportation, liketrainconsign, door to door delivery, etc, flexible and varied, one day delivery.

Beijing Yuerui international transportation CO., LTD