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Beijing Yuerui international transportation CO., LTD was founded in 2007, after years of integrated development, the company's service network has covered all over the world. with complete hardware and software facilities, we has become a modernized logistic company dominated by international forwarding, at the same time integrate a variety of other service modes including storage, packaging, customs service and purchase. With Beijing as the service center, our transport  capacity and agent network covers many major cities and sites throughout the Mongolia, Russia, five central Asian countries. With professional team and rich experience design loading scheme and transport routes for customers,  to meet the demand of the customers’ demand in greatest extent.
We are committed to providing safe and fast transportation agency service for the domestic and foreign import and export company, factory, project company, international organization and government departments, etc, we service you wherever is your business. to achieve our  great target that “Shipping your cargo across the world"
Our service mode is  OTO (that is, each customer will be served by one specialized customer-service personnel), this avoids the repeated or incorrect transfer of information, and ensure the goods is stocked and transported accurately, and arrive at the destination safely and swiftly, strive to implement the tenet of "speed up for the world" .
“Environmental protection” is always our positive social responsibility, we insist on the company internal paperless office, and at the same time, also called for all the partners and customers and the whole society to shoulder the obligation of "saving resources and protecting the earth” together. The company has a group of hard-working, efficient, professional sales and operation team, everyone always keep good team-work and innovative work style, think for customers, concern what the customers concern, do our best to provide safe and efficient cargo transportation services for domestic and overseas clients.

Beijing Yuerui international transportation CO., LTD