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As trade amount has increased between China and Europe, we have opened European freight line, here we call it"Zheng Ou trains” ! Zheng ou trains started fromZhengzhou, passing Alashankoy port, via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland, then arrive at Hamburg,Germany, totally 10214 kilometers, the run time is about 15 days, can save 25 days than the way by sea . Zheng ou trains passes through five countries, twice customs transit and twice railway replacement .

Zheng ou trains source radiation more than half of all provinces, municipalities directly under the central government, goods collection of more than 1500 kilometers in radius, and cover a region of 2000 kilometers. The  cargo source from Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and Bohai economic circle and the Northeast old industrial, are very stable. Category covers traditional textile goods, auto parts, engineering machinery, medical equipment and other industrial products, and electronic products such as notebook computers, mobile hard disk, etc.

Besides the Poland Malashevich station , GermanyHamburg, Germany Duisburg three sites, now we have increased theWarsaw station in Poland, Prague station in Czech republic, Italy Milan station in Italy, Paris station in France, etc. Zheng ou trainshas established seven sites.


Zhengzhou - Hamburg, Germany (Western Europe) - 1-2 trains per week

Zhengzhou - Russia (Central and Eastern Europe ) - 1-2 trains per month

Zhengzhou - Lithuania (North Europe) - 1-2 trains per week

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